Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed rent scheme for landlords in London!

Get 100% guaranteed rent with no void periods!

SmartSpace is dedicated to providing London landlords with a secure source of income through our Guaranteed Rent service. This flagship offering ensures you receive your rent on time every month, even during unoccupied periods.

Our collaboration with local councils and thorough tenant vetting process mean your property is in safe hands, guaranteeing not only your income but also the best care and management for your property.

With SmartSpace, experience the ease of a consistent cash flow alongside dedicated property management and monthly inspections.

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100% Guaranteed Rent

No Void Periods in Rent

0% Commission

Full Property Management

Highest Rents Paid

Reliable Monthly Payments

Dedicated Account Manager

Free Property Inventory

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Guaranteed Rent Benefits

100% Guaranteed Rent

Enjoy the certainty of receiving your rent on schedule, every time, throughout our agreement.

No Void Periods

Receive uninterrupted rent each month, regardless of your property’s occupancy status.

0% Commission

Benefit from long leases up to 5 years without any commission or hidden fees.

Full Management

We handle all aspects of property management, from repairs to tenant communications.

Highest Rents

Achieve the highest rental income possible, tailored to your property’s value.

Reliable Payments

Count on fast and reliable rent payments directly to your bank account every month.

Dedicated Manager

Monthly inspections by a dedicated manager ensure your property remains in top condition.

Property Experts

Trust in our team of property professionals, supporting landlords across London.

Free Inventory

Receive a comprehensive property inventory at no extra cost before the agreement begins.

How it works

Simple steps to starting your guaranteed rent journey

1. Book Valuation

Begin with a comprehensive, obligation-free valuation to assess your property’s suitability.

2. Receive Offer

Review and accept our competitive offer with a clear, straightforward lease agreement.

3. Sign Lease

Complete all necessary documentation effortlessly, setting the stage for guaranteed monthly rent.

Areas we cover

Guaranteed rent scheme spanning London’s boroughs

Leverage SmartSpace’s extensive network across London, ensuring your property, regardless of location, benefits from our leading guaranteed rent and property management services.

From North to South, East to West, our dedicated team provides consistent, high-quality service, ensuring every landlord in London can enjoy the advantages of working with a trusted guaranteed rent company.

Guaranteed Rent - Property Standards

Property Standards

Upholding high standards in property letting and management

SmartSpace is committed to maintaining exceptional property standards across London. Our guaranteed rent service comes with a detailed guide outlining the minimum requirements to ensure your property meets and surpasses the expected criteria.

This commitment to quality not only enhances your property’s appeal but also aligns with legislative compliance and housing standards, setting the foundation for a successful letting experience.

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Delivering stress-free guaranteed rent to landlords across London


Guaranteed rent with comprehensive property management for busy landlords

At the heart of SmartSpace’s offerings is our Guaranteed Rent service, meticulously designed to provide landlords with the utmost financial security and property management excellence. Our service ensures that your rent is fully guaranteed for the entire duration of the agreement, promising on-time payments every single month without fail. Beyond just the financial guarantees, we take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of your property.

From addressing urgent repairs to handling routine maintenance and dealing with tenant queries, our full management service covers every aspect of property care. This means you can enjoy the benefits of property ownership without any of the operational hassles, confident in the knowledge that your investment is being professionally managed to the highest standards.

Residential Lettings Property Management Company in London
Property Management for Landlords across London


No dealing with tenants. No void periods in rent. No hassle. Just 100% guaranteed rent.

Choosing SmartSpace’s Guaranteed Rent scheme unlocks a host of benefits tailored to alleviate the common concerns of landlords. Firstly, the worry of void periods is completely eliminated, as we ensure that rent is paid in full every month, irrespective of whether the property is tenanted.

This continuous income stream enhances your financial stability, allowing for better planning and investment growth. Moreover, our policy of zero commission and offering long-term leases of up to five years presents a rare opportunity in the market, maximising your earnings and reducing turnover.

Perhaps most importantly, landlords benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is achieving the best possible rental price, managed by dedicated property experts who ensure every detail is taken care of — from conducting monthly property inspections to ensuring timely, reliable payments directly into your bank account.


Straightforward and streamlined process of securing guaranteed rent

The process begins with arranging a free, no-obligation property valuation, allowing us to assess your property and ensure it meets our standards. Following this, we make you an offer, promising a competitive rental price that reflects the true market value of your property. Upon agreement, we meticulously prepare and finalise all necessary paperwork, including essential certificates and proof of ownership, ensuring a smooth transition.

Once the lease is signed, you can sit back and relax; your rent payments start arriving every month on a set day, providing you with a stable, worry-free income.

Our process is not just about signing a contract; it’s about forming a partnership that guarantees your property is well managed and profitable, with SmartSpace taking on all the responsibilities of property management, from tenant vetting to emergency repairs, all while ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

Guaranteed Rent Service - Residential Lettings - London


Our unique partnership with local councils and a dedicated property management approach ensure you receive seamless service and reliable income.

Following property inspection and agreement finalisation, we swiftly commence the rent payment process, ensuring minimal delay.

We cater to a broad range of residential properties across London, assessing each on individual criteria to ensure a perfect fit for our scheme.

With a dedicated property manager and 24/7 emergency assistance, we handle all tenant communications and maintenance efficiently.

Yes, we offer flexible terms ranging from 5 to 10 years, tailored to meet your long-term financial and investment goals.