Guaranteed Rent

We help landlords in London receive guaranteed rent, every month. No void periods.

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Looking for a Guaranteed Rent letting agents in London? We’ve got you covered!

SmartSpace is a letting agency specialising in guaranteed rent for landlords across London.

Our Guaranteed Rent scheme is the perfect solution for landlords who want to let their property without any hassle. We offer guaranteed rent management, full property management and no void periods with flexible long-term contracts. With our services, you can rest assured that your rental income will be secure and reliable.

If you’re looking for a stress-free way of letting your property, then we are here to help! Our team has years of experience in the industry and knows how important it is to provide landlords with peace of mind when renting out their properties.

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Free Valuation

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Why Choose us?

100% Guaranteed Rent

Your rent will be guaranteed for the duration of the agreement. Rent is paid on time, every time!

No Void Periods

Rent will be paid in full every month regardless of whether the property is tenanted or vacant.

0% Commission & Long Leases

Let your property for an initial term of up to 5 years with zero commission or fees.

Full Management Service

We deal with all repair and non-repair related property management issues.

Highest Rents Paid

SmartSpace will achieve the best possible rental price for your property.

Fast & Reliable Payments

Your rent is paid on a set day of every month via BACS to your nominated bank account.

Monthly Property Inspections

Dedicated property manager to ensure it is maintained to the best standard.

Free Property Inventory

Detailed inventory report to confirm the condition of the property prior to agreement.

Dedicated Property Experts

We are a team of dedicated property experts trusted by dozens of landlords across London.

The Stress-Free Solution to Letting your Property…

How it works

Our process for Guaranteed Rent management is streamlined for your convenience!

1. Arrange your free property valuation

Contact us to arrange a property valuation, free of charge and without any obligation. We’ll inspect the property to make sure it meets our property standards and advise on improvements.

2. We’ll make an offer & send agreement

We will make an offer and send you a lease agreement within 24 hours to review. As soon as the property has passed the final inspection, we can often begin the lease within days.

3. Getting the paperwork ready

We will need a few documents before signing the lease; Gas Safety Certificate, EPC, Electrical Installation Certificate, Proof of Ownership and the Buildings Insurance Policy.

4. Sign the lease & get rent every month!

Once we have all paperwork, it’s time to sign the lease agreement and relax! Your rent will be paid every month into your accounts for the lease duration with no void periods from this point onwards.

Areas We Cover

Our Guaranteed Rent scheme is available for landlords across London

We work with landlords and local authorities across all London boroughs and strive to get landlords the best possible rent on their properities.

Let your property the smart way…

Guaranteed Rent - Property Standards

Property Standards

We pride ourselves on the standard of properties we let and manage across London

This brochure outlines the minimum property standards required for Smartspace Property Solutions’ guaranteed rent service to assist landlords. It is a summary that should be used as a guideline when considering work to bring your property up to the minimum standard.

These guidelines are general in nature and are subject to change in accordance with legislation, housing standards, and contractual obligations.